Indoor Air Monitoring

Air quality in both the work environment and the home environment an have an effect on peoples effectiveness and well being. Indoor air quality is performed for a number of reasons and is an important part in occupational health. As buildings are now being designed to be airtight to increase energy efficiency this has resulted in indoor air quality issues, as fresh air within buildings is now being replaced by ventilation systems, this causes increased carbon dioxide and airborne contaminants such as dust or formaldehyde within the air.

Indoor air monitoring is the sampling for airborne fibres and contaminants, it helps to identify exposure levels and any effective control measures. In terms of construction indoors and the presence of asbestos the ‘Safe Work Australia Code of Practice for the safe Removal of Asbestos’ air monitoring should be performed whenever ACM’s are being removed to ensure control measures are effective. (All asbestos air monitoring must be  carried out in accordance with NOHSC:3003(2005)

Air Conditioning (HVAC) Investigations

BroadSpec Environmental examine HVAC systems for the air handling system, air supply/ return ductwork, the heating, cooling, filtration and the dehumidification capacity of the systems. By investigating these aspects we can ensure we uncover any underlying issues and provide you with a range of strategies to improve your indoor environment and minimise any adverse health impacts to occupants.  BroadSpec Environmental’s team of consultants and assessors have comprehensive knowledge of HVAC systems, and biological and chemical contaminants that could have potential health risks.

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