Workplace Safety & OHS

Workplace Safety and Occupational Hygiene

Occupational Hygiene is the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of hazards within the working environment. Occupational Hygiene services work to protect both employees and the communities health and well-being.

Under the workplace health and safety legislation, a risk assessment must be conducted within all working environments, these assessments must be conducted by a ‘competent person’ such as an Occupational Hygienist. An Occupational Hygienist is a scientist/engineer who conducts the monitoring of any hazards within the working environment and provides advice on how to manage these hazards. Their skills are very specialised and are essential in an environment where workplace hazards could affect the well being of employees.

Work Health & Safety

The Work Health & Safety Act requires businesses to comply to a wide range of WHS criteria. BroadSpec Environmental is well placed to conduct assessments and exposure monitoring, identifying hazards and risks in order to define control measures and ensure WHS regulations, requirements and guidelines are being met. In addition, we can work with clients to recommend and implement effective hazard and risk control strategies. Our team are appropriately qualified under the WHS Act with Certificate IV Work Health and Safety (BSB41412) and Certificate IV Training and Assessment (TAE40110) qualifications.

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