Asbestos Inspections and HAZMAT

BroadSpec Environmental are experienced Asbestos Inspection Consultants and Hazmat service providers with over 90 years of combined industry experience. We pride ourselves on providing professional, structured services that are client-specific and tailored to the job at hand. For occupied spaces BroadSpec Environmental offers management plans that include testing, inspections, and ongoing air monitoring to negate the risk of exposure before, during and after the health risk has been removed.

Accredited NATA Laboratory

We also have an in-house NATA accredited laboratory delivering accurate results fast. BroadSpec Environmental will manage your project from the initial scoping of the works required, right through to completing all paperwork and clearance certification required by the relevant government authorities. 

Asbestos Inspection Consultancy

Studies have confirmed that airborne asbestos fibres are a hazardous substance in cases of regular exposure. However, the common use of asbestos as a building material until the mid to late 1990s means that this harmful substance is still likely to be encountered in many buildings that were constructed or renovated prior to this time. Identifying asbestos can be difficult, as many common building products may contain various amounts of the substance. It can also be highly dangerous to eliminate and requires accredited professionals to remove and dispose of the materials correctly. The key to BroadSpec Environmental’s success is our client focused service; working to find a solution that works for you. Our team ensure any removal undertaken is completed by qualified, experienced and properly insured removalists suited to the scope of works. 

Licenced Asbestos Inspection Consultants

BroadSpec Environmental employs experienced, licensed asbestos consultants that can handle all aspects of asbestos testing, inspections and asbestos project management. Overseeing your entire project, we ensure that it adheres to strict guidelines surrounding the correct identification and management of asbestos.

What is Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally occurring material that is extracted as fibres and added to products or other materials, in order to add fire-proofing or insulating qualities; it used to be favoured because of its durability, but is no longer used. It commonly looks like insulation, though it can take other forms. It’s usually used in fire-proofing, insulation (heat and sound), roofing and flooring materials. It can sometimes be found in older automotive parts.

Asbestos is no longer being produced as it can cause serious health issues. Asbestos itself can be carcinogenic: fibres can come off of disturbed asbestos materials, and these can be inhaled and remain in the lungs forever. These fibres can cause health problems later in life, such as lung scarring, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. However, these typically only occur after prolonged exposure, so while avoidable interactions are not healthy, if asbestos is properly managed the health risks may be avoided.

If asbestos is somewhere where it’s likely to be disturbed, by remodelling or household activity, it is safer to remove it so dust and fibres are not stirred up. However, there are situations where it is safer (and more cost effective) to leave asbestos containing materials in place; an example of this would be if there is asbestos in a building’s crawlspace as insulation. Because of this potential option, Asbestos Registers are required. Asbestos registers maintain records of where and how much asbestos is in a property, and ensures educated management of the property.

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