HAZMAT Management Plans

Hazardous Materials Management Plans

HAZMAT Management Plans are required under the legislation to be developed and implemented, and regularly reviewed to eliminate or control the risk of exposure. Where other hazardous building materials are identified an Asbestos Management Plan can also be developed as part of a Hazardous Materials Management Plan to manage and control exposure to all hazardous building materials identified.

Contents of management plan include:

  • Asbestos and hazardous materials register
  • Risk assessments
  • Training records and procedures
  • Locations for the display of warning signs and labels
  • Procedures for dealing with¬†incidents or emergencies involving asbestos
  • Timetable for managing risks, reviews and inspections
  • Responsible personnel
  • Procedures, including a timetable for reviewing and revising the asbestos management plan and the asbestos register
  • Procedures for handling or coming into contact with asbestos

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